Covent Consortium is a subsystem designed for organizing research and technology applications and main solutions of the Covent system inherent within the context of IPP developments.


The teams involved in implementing the applications are selected based on the personnel training and selection system of the Futurum Fund.


The Covent Consortium system itself incorporates the super-idea of more than mere implementation of business, political, or social programs. It is called upon to mobilize human resources so that they focus on the areas of research that we are pursuing at our research centers.

Main Task

For us, business, politics, and social programs are not the end but the means to engaging people in our current areas of interest. One of our main tasks is the very process of such activity.

But what matters most is that during the course of this activity, the distinct qualities of the human mind are to be shaped in accordance with our understanding of the present stage of civilization’s development.

Work Specifics

The distinct nature of our work lies in the fact that we offer and create human communities for problems we undertake to solve in our research activities.

That is precisely the main focus in which the structures we create are engaged, regardless of where they are implemented: in business, political, social or humanitarian spheres. The Covent Consortium system operates in order not to lose this primary focus of engaging people and coordinating development paths.

We pay special attention to the development of Covent Consortium. Therefore, we must constantly adjust and regulate the systems and groups that are part of the Covent Consortium so that the solution to the mundane practical tasks does not distill the overarching idea behind the consortium as a whole.

Our priority is to help people reach a sufficiently high level in competitive scientific activities. That is what underlies the overall idea of a consortium.


Personal Intellectual
and Spiritual Development


Implementing IPP scientific opinions and mobilizing human resources for their execution. Setting up a system for the implementation of business ideas and political and social programs

Promotion of highly advanced scientific ideas in order to raise the level of intellectual development
of the Covent Group members

Sound Social Structure


Creating a system for the implementation of business ideas, political and social programs

Creating human communities for problem solving in business, political, social, and humanitarian spheres

Covent Group is a hierarchical system embracing a number of specialized independent branches governed by unified Covent Group standards and pursuing a common global goal

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